A Basic Guide to Shopping at Mouery's Flooring

"Simplicity. Style. Expertise.", This is our motto at Mouery's Flooring and what we strive to accomplish during all phases of your experience at our store. This is a glimpse of what to expect whether you're browsing around our showroom, getting an in-home measurement, an estimate, having new floors professionally installed, or all of the above!

From the lighting, layout, color, and ceiling height, our showroom was specifically designed to showcase flooring. Our showroom is staffed by knowledgeable, helpful, salaried (no commissions!) team members who focus on helping you find the right flooring product for your need. The beauty of setting up our showroom with a salaried staff is to eliminate the pressure of a commissioned based sales process. Our entire team at Mouery's works together to bring the most value to your experience, so working with many of the team members in the showroom is perfectly fine! We take pride in having a reputation for simplifying the perfect-floor-finding process. 

We carry all types of carpet, hardwood, vinyl, laminate, cleaning products, vacuum cleaners, glues, trims, transition pieces, and more! Our showroom is stocked with hundreds of samples of current, on-trend products from all the top-name flooring brands, as well as some up and coming brands that may be new to you. Having a good product selection is important to us and something we spend a lot of time cultivating. 

Feel free to bring in any inspiration to help simplify the process such as pictures, paint swatches, a wood species, a texture, or anything else to help guide the process. We love Pinterest and Houzz and can be found on either by searching for 'Mouery's Flooring'. Another resource to help you along the way is the "photos" tab on our website. From there you can click on any of the flooring types that drop down to see photos of actual, local jobs that we have installed. Sometimes you don't even know what you like... until you see it, and pictures are a GREAT starting point!

We strive to keep our prices clearly marked on our sample product boards, and everything is priced by the square foot. We offer the option of professional installation on any of the products that are purchased through our store, but we also welcome the DIYer's with open arms! Any of our products (in-stock or special order) can be purchased to install on your own. We can talk about general prices for installation and labor in the showroom, but we refrain from giving an actual installation price until we physically measure your job space. Our professional installation comes with a one year installation warranty through our store.

Once you hone in on some products you like, we encourage you to check-out samples (for free!) and take them to your home/project to check the samples with your lighting/colors/environment. We ask that you return display samples within 1 week of checking them out. 


We stock hundreds of flooring products in our warehouse and can give out free samples of in-stock products to be taken home as well. The in-stock products can be paid for and picked up the same day. Special ordered products on the other hand, generally take around 2 weeks to get delivered to our warehouse. (This is a general guideline that can sometimes take longer.)

After products have been selected, it is time to measure and get some hard numbers. We offer free estimates, and all our estimates come itemized, so you can see the specific price for each individual product and/or installation charge. A Mouery's team member will set up a date and time that works for everyone so one of our guys can measure your space. 

Some people spend a few minutes in our showroom... some people spend hours. Some people spend a few days deciding on the perfect floors... some people spend a year or even more! The timing is up to you. We are always here, ready to show you flooring products and help in any way we can!


Once you have sailed through product selection, a measurement, and an estimate, it is time to get the products ordered and ready! The cost of materials is due up front. We take cash, check, and all major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express). We also offer financing and the application can be found on our website under the "0% FINANCING tab. During certain times of the year we offer extended terms on our 0% financing so watch our social media and website for more information on those times! (We do offer builder/contractor accounts with terms. These can be set up through our showroom and require credit references and a credit application. 

Once we have received payment for the materials we will order the materials (if special order) or get them ready and marked in the warehouse (if in-stock item). If you are having your floors professionally installed by one of our crews, the installation balance is due within 7 days of completion. 

Our installation schedule can vary greatly, largely depending on the time of year. However, generally, we stay booked about 2-4 weeks out. Our installation crews are sub-contracted, and we keep the same crews installing for us consistently (and most exclusively) all year long. Our crews are fully insured, have good references, good history, and good work.

Our installation manager will be the one who will call to set up a crew and installation time for your job. He will also be the one to call and check-in with you once the job has been completed. As mentioned earlier, the installation jobs performed by our sub-contractors come with a one-year installation warranty. The amount of time it takes to install a floor depends on the type and quantity of the floor. Our installers do tear-out existing floors, move appliances, move furniture and much more. Each of these items are priced by the job and will be available to view on the itemized estimate. 

If you are not having your floors professionally installed, you can either pick up your own products from our warehouse attached to our showroom, or we can deliver your products to the job site for a fee based on location and quantity.

Once you have your new floors installed, you can stop back by for cleaning products or possibly a rug! We carry all the cleaning products you will need to maintain your wood and vinyl floors as well as vacuum cleaners specifically designed for plush carpets (recommended by SmartStrand silk, wool manufacturers, and mohawk). We also carry the Bona Professional hardwood floor cleaner line as well as the WOCA oil rubbed floor care line. 


And that is the long version of what it can look like to browse, shop, purchase, and have floors installed by Mouery's Flooring!




Bona Professional Series

Bona Professional Series

The word “Bona” translates “good” from its Latin/Italian/Swedish roots.  And since 1919 Bona has also been the word used for the brand name of a long-standing Swedish company who manufacturers cleaning products. Still today, Bona is a highly regarded residential & commercial brand sold in more than 70 countries all over the world. Their hardwood floor cleaner is especially renowned.


Bona manufactures multiple grades of cleaning products.  Their classic original formula can be found in white bottles at large box stores, amazon, and online.  Their professional formula found in silver bottles can only be found at select specialty flooring stores.  The white bottled original formula is good….but the silver bottled professional series is even better!  The professional series is a more concentrated formula that cuts through harder dirt & heavier grim while being gentle enough not to impact the finish of your beautiful floor!  For superior clean hard surface floors choose Bona Professional.  Mouery’s Flooring in Springfield, Missouri carries their entire line of hard surface cleaning products (including mops, concentrated refills, spray bottles, & pads).  This professional Bona series is good for hardwood, engineered hardwood, laminate, vinyl, & luxury vinyl floors.

Flipping Homes with Vinyl

Flipping Homes with Vinyl

We all have watched a home improvement show on HGTV and had the thought that it must be easy to renovate; a young couple meet Chip and JoAnna Gaines and then they have a newly remodeled home worth more than the market value. Others watch shows about flipping homes and making money like Flip or Flop. With shows like these, we all have thoughts of grandeur and want to try our hand at making our own renovations. However, the shows make this look much easier than it tends to be in real life.

You can read hundreds of blogs, newspaper articles, and other sites and they will also talk about flipping homes or renovations. Each one can list many items that can add value to any home. The only real similarity between them: flooring. Redoing the flooring throughout the house is always on the list no matter who you get the information from. Flooring is a great way to add value to any home. However, choosing the flooring for that house can be a tough thing to do. Most of the online sources will tell you that hardwood flooring is the option for you. But sometimes the budget or subfloor cannot handle that kind of purchase.

So, if your budget or subfloor doesn’t allow for the dream hardwood flooring, what are you to do? You can always go with carpet, but some families want a hard surface flooring. You have quite a few options that could fit into your initial budget: sheet vinyl, vinyl plank, luxury vinyl plank, and laminate. Each of these options offer advantages for you and the home you are remodeling.

Tired of shopping for hundreds of items?

Tired of shopping for hundreds of items?

We know that shopping for flooring can be overwhelming with a sea of brands and manufacturers to choose from. However, we try to make this process as simple as possible from the moment you step through our doors until the moment your flooring is installed. That is why we have our motto: simplicity, style, and expertise.

We are excited to introduce you a new carpet line by Gulistan. Gulistan is an old company with a lot of history making a come-back in today’s flooring market. Their carpet line is very simple consisting of only 20 unique visuals allowing Gulistan to specialize on high quality styles and top trends. You will find colors and styles not found elsewhere with a smaller lineup that will feel more manageable. This carpet line consists of both polyesters and nylons. They are experts in quality constructed carpets.

Gulistan also offers carpet products that are created to perform well in your home. The yarns within the carpet fiber are built with increased turns to retain their integrity. The tuft these yarns into tight constructions with a better density than other more traditional carpets. This construction will also add to the overall exciting visuals of the carpet that are not found in other carpet manufacturers.

Armstrong Flooring

Armstrong Flooring

As we have stated before, Mouery's Flooring offers a variety of flooring products that can fit almost any need. Our favorite product to sell is hardwood flooring both solid and engineered. Each of the hardwood flooring types comes with different advantages and disadvantages. Today, we are going to talk about Armstrong Flooring.


Armstrong Flooring has been creating and developing hardwood floors for more than 100-years. These floors are created beautifully crafted and long-lasting. They have an extensive portfolio of flooring products including: hardwood, laminate, linoleum, luxury vinyl, vinyl sheet, and vinyl tile.

Armstrong flooring offers hundreds of flooring options that you are able to choose from. Their most sold products are hardwood flooring which are available in many popular wood species from classic oak to an exotic tropical hardwood.

This blog will have specifics on some of Armstrong Flooring's most popular wood collections.

Regal hardwood: what to know

Regal hardwood: what to know

Regal Hardwoods strive for superior floors while also offering competitive pricing. Regal strives to offer a unique look to each of their hardwood flooring lines and styles. Regal Hardwoods create some of their unique looks by authentically hand-scraping or wire brushing each plank. The length of the boards are random up to 7' long.

Regal makes all parts of their flooring from the veneer to the core and eventually the finish.

The core is made of a slow growing Baltic Birch with no fillers. Each of the hardwood flooring cores are able to promote a denser core that prevents less denting and offers more control over expansion and contraction. This also creates a unique product that can be glued, stapled, or floated and installed on any grade level above, on, or below.

The three tips of buying carpet

The three tips of buying carpet

Buying new flooring for your home is an exciting time for you to choose a style that fits your house or to reinvent your current style. Yet, it can be one of the toughest decisions you will make. Whether you are remodeling your home or building a new one, the flooring can either add value or make it a design nightmare. We at Mouery's Flooring have created three tips that will help you when you shop for carpet:

Flooring that Fits: Lauzon

Flooring that Fits: Lauzon

Mouery’s Flooring in Springfield, Missouri offers a variety of flooring products including carpet, hardwood, vinyl, and much more. However, we sell more hardwood flooring than any product in our store. Why? Because hardwood flooring offers a look that can add value to your home.

We have many great hardwood flooring products including, but not limited to, Lauzon, Somerset, Paramount, Shaw, Mohawk, and many other great companies. However, we want to focus on a specific company that we think you will love: Lauzon.