Flooring that Fits: Lauzon

Mouery’s Flooring in Springfield, Missouri offers a variety of flooring products including carpet, hardwood, vinyl, and much more. However, we sell more hardwood flooring than any product in our store. Why? Because hardwood flooring offers a look that can add value to your home.

We have many great hardwood flooring products including, but not limited to, Lauzon, Somerset, Paramount, Shaw, Mohawk, and many other great companies. However, we want to focus on a specific company that we think you will love: Lauzon.


Lauzon Hardwood Flooring

Lauzon has been selling hardwood flooring products for 30 years. They are one of three premiere wood suppliers in the world. They focus on a hardwood flooring that is unique than other hardwood flooring products on the market. They focus on offering a more durable product, pure genius smart floors, customizable flooring options, and a sustainable forest management.

The company is based in Canada and they own a 2-million acre forest where each product comes from. With colder weather, comes a denser wood product that is more durable than other wood flooring types. The denser wood product allows for a tighter locking system that will help your floor last longer and look better.

Lauzon also offers a unique titanium finish that can make your product last longer. The titanium finish is elasticized which is flexible and will help keep scratches and dents from your flooring.

Lauzon Flooring

Pure Genius Smart Floors

Many products within a house can emit toxins and bacteria into the air. Lauzon hardwood flooring, with the Pure Genius additive, help alleviate these toxins in your home. It is like having three trees within your home. Lauzon hardwood flooring, with Pure Genius, can make the air in your home up to 85% cleaner.

Lauzon hardwood flooring, with Pure Genius, actually helps with allergies, sensitivities, has no VOC’s and helps alleviate these things from the air caused by other products. This is not just another hardwood flooring. Lauzon is the best product for your home when you’re concerned about air quality.

If this has intrigued you, take a look at this video for more information.

Design Your Floor

Lauzon offers a fully customizable floor. You can choose every option and make the hardwood flooring fit perfectly with your home. You can choose the wood type, style, the finish, color, board size, and the cut type. 

Customizable options include solid or engineered hardwood, wood species, pre-finishes, low-gloss or high-gloss, finish color, board size, and a unique sand and finish look (see image for example).

Don’t choose a flooring that won't fit your home. Choose the best product and make sure you have the perfect hardwood flooring for your home.

Sustainable Forest Management and Stewardship

Lauzon hardwood flooring is dedicated to sustainable stewardship practices in the forests their products come from. They also have a pellet plant, a mulch plant, and a paper plant. This ensures that there is no waste in the flooring process.

Lauzon Information

Now Available

If you would like to learn more information about this company and their products, stop in our showroom. We are located at 3045 South Scenic Ave, Suite 104, Springfield, MO 65807. We can help you choose the best flooring product for your home.

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