Regal hardwood: what to know

As we have stated before, Mouery's Flooring offers a variety of flooring products that can fit almost any need. Our favorite product to sell is hardwood flooring both solid and engineered. Each of the hardwood flooring types comes with different advantages and disadvantages. However, we are going to talk about a company that sells engineered hardwood: Regal Hardwoods.

American Backroads Collection European White Oak Hardwood Color Barstow

American Backroads Collection European White Oak Hardwood Color Barstow


Regal Hardwoods strive for superior floors while also offering competitive pricing. Regal strives to offer a unique look to each of their hardwood flooring lines and styles. Regal Hardwoods create some of their unique looks by authentically hand-scraping or wire brushing each plank. The length of the boards are random up to 7' long.

Regal makes all parts of their flooring from the veneer to the core and eventually the finish.

The core is made of a slow growing Baltic Birch with no fillers. Each of the hardwood flooring cores are able to promote a denser core that prevents less denting and offers more control over expansion and contraction. This also creates a unique product that can be glued, stapled, or floated and installed on any grade level above, on, or below.

Hand-scrapped versus machine-scrapped

Machine-scraped hardwood floors have a repetitive pattern that can make some woods look unauthentic. Authentic hand-scraped wood flooring bypasses that problem because each board is uniquely hand crafted so that no two boards are the same. 

Regal Floors have exceptional craftsmanship. From the deeper grooved, distressed Old Time Luxe to more of a traditional, scraped floor in their Havana, Final Touch, and Element collections. They also have wire brushed floors like their On the 9 or Final Touch, New England collections. These offer a weather and lighter textured look.

American Backroads Collection Wax Oil European White Oak Color Barstow

American Backroads Collection Wax Oil European White Oak Color Barstow


Regal Hardwoods is dedicated in preserving the environment for future generations. They are FSC certified and comply with California Air Resources Board’s (CARB) stringent requirements for formaldehyde emissions. Regal Hardwoods finishes have low volatile organic compounds (VOCs) to conserve the environment. 

There are two types of hardwood flooring offered by Regal Hardwoods: Titanium ScuffGARD and Hard Wax Oil. These flooring types will be discussed in the following videos.


Most engineered hardwoods have either a rotary, sawn, or sliced hardwood veneer. Regal Flooring takes their looks one step further and produce their veneers on an offset rotary peel. The offset rotary peel gives the floors a tighter grain and the capability of deeper, richer, and more unique coloring. This unique look is produced by staining or chemically etching their colors on the open cross grains cut by their rotary peel.


Regal's Titanium ScuffGARD finish utilizes the latest in nano-technology to provide a rugged and durable yet transparent wear protection that resists scuffing and allows your hardwood flooring to stand up to years of use. This particular product has hand-finished visuals.


  • Regal Flooring offers a 35-year warranty on their Birch products
  • 3/8" hickories and white oak, 50-year residential and 8-year light commercial warranty: 8 coats of Titanium ScuffGARD finish
  • 1/2" hickories and white oak, lifetime residential and 10-year light commercial: 10 coats of Titanium ScuffGARD finish
  • Requires minimal maintenance
  • Protected with nanotechnology
  • Scuff resistant


Regal's protective hard wax oil finish enhances the natural highlights of the wood's colors, and the oil brings out the inherent beauty of the wood grain. The oil is a based from coconut oil which is sprayed on and then hand buffed out. The tough protective wax coating creates a solid barrier that helps keep your floors beautiful through the years.

They color their oil finish floors through a chemical reaction. They apply a chemical to the floors, and then they react to the chemical to give it the color variation. Afterwards, they hand wipe the chemicals off.

American Backroads offers a worn, distressed, matte finish, barnwood, reclaimed look that is sure to be a design masterpiece. On the 9 offer a high color variance, with deep grooves that will make any home look rustic. 


  • 25-year residential and 3-year light commercial warranty


  • Vivid, natural look
  • Unmatched grain emphasis and moderate scratch resistance
  • Allows for professional touch-up


Caring for your hardwood flooring is important for every homeowner to know. However, both the titanium finish and the wax oil require different care and cleaning. 

Titanium Finish


Wax Oil Finish

Regal Hardwoods recommends cleaning the Wax Oil floors with a wet mop and Woca Natural Soap for post-installation maintenance and cleaning. Please follow Woca's step by step application instructions in this video:

Woca Oil Refresher: Quaterly Restoration

Woca Oil Refresher should be used for restoring the luster and beauty of oiled wood flooring. This also applies a protective, moisture resistant layer to the surface of your hardwood flooring. Please follow Woca's application instructions:

Final Thoughts

If you have any further questions, feel free to give us a call at 417-883-4720, email us at, or even stop by the showroom to see these products for yourself. You will find us located at 2516 W. Battlefield Road, Springfield, MO 65807. We love to keep you informed of the latest trends in the flooring industry and with companies that provide great products.

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