For 90 years, consumers have selected Karastan for its superior craftsmanship and distinctive elegance and now is the time to save. We are celebrating National Karastan Month here at Mouery’s Flooring, offering the lowest prices of the season on Karastan carpet and pad now through November 5th.

Why Karastan?

Karastan goes above and beyond when producing carpets to ensure the best quality. They start by using premium fibers resulting in carpet that is exceptionally durable as well as soil and stain resistant. Each tuft averages 6-7 twists per tuft to help reduce matting and packing, providing a fuller, and longer lasting carpet. They have patented equipment for state- of-the-art results in weaving and tufting, and their unique 14 pick- back is four times the industry standards making the carpet less likely to buckle and easier to install. Before the carpets are finished they go through multiple shearing processes, so the carpets shed less, have a more defined tip, and a cleaner finish.

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Karastan fiber types

Karastan offers a variety of fiber types and it can be overwhelming to choose the right fiber for your needs. Here is a quick run down on the different fiber types to help make your decision easier:

Nylon- This man-made fiber provides a less expensive option than all- wool carpets while maintaining durability and softness. Karastan uses Invista Tactesse Nylon in many of its carpets for added crush resistance and stain protection.

SmartStrand- The amazing innovation of Smart Strand with DuPont Sorona renewable sourced polymer allows Karastan to style for today while saving for tomorrow. SmartStrand carpets are 100% stain resistant and durable to last for years to come

Wool- Wool is the most beautiful, luxurious, and durable of all the carpet fibers. It is a natural fiber that is highly regarded for its strength, durability, crush resistance, cleanability, and comfort.

Karastan’s woven and tufted carpets offer timeless design choices- fresh colors, exquisite patterns, new textures, and innovative fibers that will always be perfectly in style. Each one is beautiful and each one lives beautifully.

There are so many Karastan carpets to fall in love with; but one of our personal favorites is the Woolston Plaid collection. It is made from 100% New Zealand wool.

There are so many Karastan carpets to fall in love with; but one of our personal favorites is the Woolston Plaid collection. It is made from 100% New Zealand wool.


Carpet transforms the way a home looks. But the cushion determines how your carpet feels. KaraStep Perfection premium cushion significantly improves the comfort, beauty and performance of your flooring investment. It forms a foundation unlike any other, creating an unseen layer of protection that reduces noise and resists moisture and mildew. KaraStep Perfection perfectly complements every carpet while soothing mind, body and sole.

·         Total support and impact resistance eliminate leg and back stress

·         7/16” thick, 9 lb. density, provides exceptional quality and performance

·         Can be used with all types of carpet

·         Ergonomic design for optimum support and comfort

·         Lengthens your Karastan carpet warranty

Take advantage and save up to $1,000 on select Karastan styles ranging from wool carpet to SmartStrand Forever Clean with All Pet Protection & Warranty to Kashmere Nylon. Get signed up for special Karastan financing terms under the “0% financing” tab on our website.


If you have any further questions feel free to give us a call at (417) 883-4720, email us at, and be sure to stop by the showroom at 2516 W. Battlefield to view, check out samples and purchase from our large Karastan selection including in-stock and special ordered products.