Flipping Homes with Vinyl

We all have watched a home improvement show on HGTV and had the thought that it must be easy to renovate; a young couple meet Chip and JoAnna Gaines and then they have a newly remodeled home worth more than the market value. Others watch shows about flipping homes and making money like Flip or Flop. With shows like these, we all have thoughts of grandeur and want to try our hand at making our own renovations. However, the shows make this look much easier than it tends to be in real life.

You can read hundreds of blogs, newspaper articles, and other sites and they will also talk about flipping homes or renovations. Each one can list many items that can add value to any home. The only real similarity between them: flooring. Redoing the flooring throughout the house is always on the list no matter who you get the information from. Flooring is a great way to add value to any home. However, choosing the flooring for that house can be a tough thing to do. Most of the online sources will tell you that hardwood flooring is the option for you. But sometimes the budget or subfloor cannot handle that kind of purchase.

So, if your budget or subfloor doesn’t allow for the dream hardwood flooring, what are you to do? You can always go with carpet, but some families want a hard surface flooring. You have quite a few options that could fit into your initial budget: sheet vinyl, vinyl plank, luxury vinyl plank, and laminate. Each of these options offer advantages for you and the home you are remodeling.

*Photo credit: Lina Roberts at RE/MAX House of Brokers

For this home, the remodeler decided to use a floating or loose lay sheet vinyl.  The floating sheet vinyl can offer many benefits over a traditional hardwood floor, it is more flexible, softer and extremely easy to maintain and keep clean.  In this house, it was chosen for a few different reasons.  First this house had an uneven concrete subfloor which needed patching and some minor leveling for us to use sheet vinyl.  The unlevelness off the concrete made this house a bad candidate for hardwood floors there would have been too much expense to get the floor level enough to glue engineered hardwood to the concrete or float a ridged laminate product.  Because sheet vinyl is a printed floor the visuals can be as bold or traditional as you want with better price points than traditional hardwoods.  The product was chosen to be the base of their eclectic design, the greys and browns highlighted in this flooring gave the designer a wide base for their decor.

As you can see, this is a beautiful house and the luxury sheet vinyl was the perfect solution and recommendation for this home. The style of this flooring complimented the more modern undertones of the home. It is a good mix of a more traditional flooring with a more stylish coloring.

Their decision to do sheet vinyl throughout the house was a bold move that paid dividend for them on this project.


Blacktex is a newer ready-to-install flooring with a strong polyester fiber backing to make it stable and comfortable to walk on. With this comfort also comes a 40-mil wear layer, which is a considered commercial grade sheet vinyl flooring. This means that the flooring will last throughout the years: even with kids, grandkids, and pets. With this wear layer also comes a premium protected medium gloss top coating that will help reduce scuffing and staining.

The product also comes with a PU lacquer layer, resulting in a hygienic and anti-allergenic flooring that makes it suitable for people with allergies. There are only a few flooring options that come with this hypoallergenic coating, but this product is one of the lower costing ones.

Available in 15 stunning designs, Blacktex offers many advantages that exceed the eye! This new trendy black textile backing smoothens irregularities in the subfloor offering fantastic underfoot comfort, making your floor soundproof. It also isolates noise which makes it perfect for apartments or leveled floors.

Blacktex does not require underlayment over a smooth subfloor if it is floated and not glued.

Other Color Options: