Bona Professional Series

The word “Bona” translates “good” from its Latin/Italian/Swedish roots.  And since 1919 Bona has also been the word used for the brand name of a long-standing Swedish company who manufacturers cleaning products. Still today, Bona is a highly regarded residential & commercial brand sold in more than 70 countries all over the world. Their hardwood floor cleaner is especially renowned.

Bona Original & Bona Professional

Bona manufactures multiple grades of cleaning products.  Their classic original formula can be found in white bottles at large box stores, amazon, and online.  Their professional formula found in silver bottles can only be found at select specialty flooring stores.  The white bottled original formula is good….but the silver bottled professional series is even better!  The professional series is a more concentrated formula that cuts through harder dirt & heavier grim while being gentle enough not to impact the finish of your beautiful floor!  For superior clean hard surface floors choose Bona Professional.  Mouery’s Flooring in Springfield, Missouri carries their entire line of hard surface cleaning products (including mops, concentrated refills, spray bottles, & pads).  This professional Bona series is good for hardwood, engineered hardwood, laminate, vinyl, & luxury vinyl floors.

Benefits Of Bona Professional

Bona’s professional line is superior in several ways:

  • PH neutral
  • Environmentally-friendly (made from biodegradable products
  • Greenguard certified 
  • No VOC’s (volatile Organic Compounds) = no fumes
  • Non-toxic, waterborne compound
  • No Residue/Sticky factor
  • Completely safe for babies/kids/animals

Everyday Maintenance & Deep Clean

Bona professional series DRY dusting microfiber clothes are recommend for daily (or bi-daily or weekly) sweeping.  The electric-charged pad attracts the dust and dirt and gently picks it up off your floor by trapping everything in the filaments of the fiber pad.  It is important to get the dirt, grit & dust off the floor BEFORE using the WET microfiber pad with the hard surface Bona professional floor cleaning product because those small particles can act like sandpaper when wet & matted down and pushed against the floor with the wet mop head. Which can equal surface damage, scrapes, and indentions in your floor!  So always DRY sweep first.

Bona Professional Series Dry Mop

Bona Professional Series Dry Mop

Bona Professional Series Wet Mop

Bona Professional Series Mop Head

Once the dust, dirt & grim has been removed….change your mop head to the Bona professional series WET microfiber pad.  Depending on the style of Bona professional mop you have, simply spray the mop or spray the Bona professional series bottle of hard surface cleaner directly onto your hard surface floor then gently wipe the sprayed area with the mop.  Don’t saturate the floor, just use enough to see the spray and quickly wipe with the mop.  It dries very quickly and that is purposeful.  Use a small 3x3 or 4x4 or 5x5 area until you have sprayed and swept your entire floor.  Bona recommends wet mopping once a week.  If you have a high traffic home or business….you can wet mop more….but Bona’s official recommendation is once a week. 

After finished with your DRY or WET mopping…simply throw the microfiber pads into the washing machine.  And then repeat!

Tips and Tricks

  • Don’t use dryer sheets on your microfiber cloth pads!
  • If you see streaks on your floor after WET mopping…most likely that means its time to wash your WET mop pad!
  • Wash your Microfiber cleaning pads separately…this allows the pads to build up static….which will help pick up & lock in dirt & grim on your floor!
  • Always use the Bona Professional DRY microfiber pad DRY!  It can be washed and dried…same as the WET pads….without any other laundry.  Just don’t use the cleaning product spray on the DRY mop pad

Bottom Line

Bona Professional Series Hard Surface Floor cleaner makes maintaining, cleaning, and preserving your floors super simple.  Stop by Mouery’s Flooring at 2516 West Battlefield Road in Springfield to check them out in person or click through to our website to browse our Bona professional series products online.

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